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Switching my brain to rosey thoughts

It takes work for me but I work hard to try to retrain my brain to think positive. I suppose I tend to be someone who sees the glass half empty first. Don't know exactly why but pretty sure it has to do with all the negative I've had to deal with from a very young age (perhaps I'll post more about that at some point but for now I'm staying on topic). Anyhoo, I find that one of my learned tools in my depression warrior arsenal is to distract my brain with something that makes me happy. You'd think that's easy and clear but it takes some bit of thought to choose something that is truly more likely to affect my mood in a positive way.  For instance, I love watching This Is Us but that show makes me emotional and I have cried a good cry after EVERY episode I've watched sooo though I do take time to watch the show I prepare myself to get emotional and let myself work through those feelings afterwards. But that is not a show I should watch if I'm already super emotional or going through a depression episode. That is where I LOVE LUCY comes in! 

Where do I begin? I just have the fondest memories of watching I Love Lucy reruns. Lucy's antics, funny faces, Ricky's spanglish and personally relatable culture, the cool retro black and white style, wholesome family entertainment... It's all good in Lucy's hood so my family and I watched and laughed and cried happy tears from laughing so hard. Good times. Good memories. I also have those nostalgic memories with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin movies, Brady Bunch and Full House to name a few. (Good thing Hulu and Netflix have most of my "happy" shows available to stream!)

My point is this, if we need a pick me up then it's only logical that we do something that has a high potential of making that happen. When one is depressed it can honestly be hard to do even things we know are good for us or that we love so that's where the pushing ourselves and hard work comes in. Sure, I don't always do it and I should take my advice more often, but it's a fact (from evidence of how it worked for me previous times, evidence=faith which helps lead us to action) that when I do make the effort and force myself to do at least one thing no matter how late in the day it is (the earlier the better though) the rest of my day or night is happier, calmer, more peaceful, more productive and just plain improves my quality of life for the rest of that day. Seeing is believing. After experiencing my mood change for the better once and each time after that it gave me tangible evidence that for me at this point in time this tool works so it's easier for me to talk myself or force myself into using it in the future. That goes with anything and it's different for everyone obviously. I personally know that listening to oldies or dancing to latin music or doing a DailyBurn workout or powerlifting with my hubby (this is a new one and def on my list for a future post!) or gardening or watching shows like Heartland, Downtown Abbey and I Love Lucy are things that create happy juice in me so I do my best to serve myself that drink and drink that up like my personal medicine, ha!


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